April 19, 2020

Insilico testing

Computational Assay

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Services offered

  • Genomics

    o Genome Assembly
    o Exome Analysis
    o Alignment and Mapping Analysis
    o Functional Sequences Annotation
    o SNPs/Indels/Mutations Analysis

  • Transcriptomics

    o Transcriptome Assembly
    o RNASeq: Quantification and Differential Expression Analysis
    o RNA Structure Analysis
    o ncRNA Analysis

  • Metagenomics

    o Amplicon 16S/18S, ITS Analysis
    o Whole Metagenome Analysis
    o Metatranscriptome Analysis

  • Epigenomics

    o Methylation Analysis

  • Data base

    o Biological Data Base Creation
    o Biological Data Base Maintenance

  • Molecular Dynamics

    o Physiochemical, Spectral and Biological properties prediction
    o Chemical Synthesis pathway Predictions
    o Toxicity predictions
    o Molecular modelling – Docking, Density Functional Theory, MD Simulations
    o Phytoinformatics – Compound Isolation Chemistry

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